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DURATION:  One (1) Day
Time:  8:30am-5:00pm

LANGUAGE:  This course is available in ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE OR TETUM

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Course Outline

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills in two areas:

Firefighting – elementary firefighting equipment and procedures, including:

  • Identify different types of extinguishers;
  • Determine classifications of fire;
  • Understand the use of hose reels and fire blankets;
  • Identify requirements for equipment location signsUnderstand the principles of fire extinguishment;
  • Comply with maintenance requirements.

Emergency Evacuation – identifying an emergency in the workplace and participating in an evacuation of personnel from the workplace to a muster point, including:

  • Identify what is an emergency hazard;
  • Understand emergency protection system and emergency control equipment;
  • Understand hazardous work and evacuation system;
  • Identify situations which may compromise Emergency Systems.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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This Training Course is delivered face to face by one of ISAT’s highly experienced trainers……….at our training centre or we can come to your workplace.

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