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DURATION:  One & half (1&1/2) Days
Time:  8:30am-5:00pm

LANGUAGE:  This course is available in ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE OR TETUM

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Course Outline

Participants will gain the knowledge and advanced skills for using Microsoft Excel computer program.

The course includes:

  • Use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently;
  • Use advanced formatting options including styles, themes and backgrounds;
  • Create outlines and subtotals;
  • Create and apply cell names;
  • Rearranging pivot chart;
  • Working with tables;
  • Formatting pivot data;
  • Insert and edit hyperlinks;
  • Use specialized functions;
  • Share workbooks by email;
  • Analyze data with logical and lookup functions;
  • Worksheet auditing and protection;
  • Use advanced formula to calculate data;
  • File sharing and merging and workbook templates;
  • Inserting graphics and Importing data;
  • Work with pivot tables and pivot charts.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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This Training Course is delivered face to face by one of ISAT’s highly experienced trainers……….at our training centre or we can come to your workplace.

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