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DURATION:  Twenty (20) Weeks – including Work Experience
Time:  8:30am-5:00pm

LANGUAGE:  This course is available in ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE OR TETUM

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Course Outline

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide increased quantity and quality of services that enable their clients to improve their lives.

The course focuses on:

  • a client centred and strengths based approach;
  • developing ethical and professional relationships with relevant individuals, organizations and communities;
  • developing the ability to communicate effectively.

Areas of study include:

  • active listening;
  • assessing a client’s situation;
  • accurately registering information;
  • developing and implementing action plans and making appropriate referrals (for example, legal assistance, medical or psycho-social support);
  • developing a critical understanding of gender, disability and vulnerability;
  • understanding human rights and legal frameworks.

A total of eleven (11) units must be completed, including:

  1. AFALN3001A Manage communication effectively in the workplace;
  2. ADFAD3001A Work as part of a team;
  3. EFAFA3005A Ensure workplace health and safety;
  4. EFAFA300XA Plan, organize and monitor work experience;
  5. SPUSK3001A Identify and assess issues with access for people with disabilities;
  6. SPUSK3002A Facilitate to promote inclusion of women;
  7. SPUSK3003A Support and protect child rights and development;
  8. SKOSS3001A Understanding sociological impacts on individuals to enable service practitioners to provide appropriate services;
  9. SKOSS3002A Work with ethical and legal frameworks;
  10. SKOSS3003A Work with case management processes;
  11. SKOSS3004A Working with communities to facilitate client wellbeing.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a nationally recognised Certificate of Completion.

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